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Most of Managers do know how to run the Company, but do not know how to run their career or do not even think about it. If you finally take the decision to start to manage your career path, you may be facing many questions and issues about how to set up the way that will lead to achieving your goals.

Our threefold solution

Average tenure of executives
Growth      Setback      Triumph
  • Evolution
    Craft the career of your dreams with your current
    and future employers.
  • Transcedence
    Elevate yourself to your proper role in today's
    labor market.
  • Longevity
    Maximize your development at the pinnacle
    of your organization.

The four pillars of our career enhancement program

  • Self-Reflection

    Define a manager’s strong points and their areas of development.

  • Purpose

    Having identified your primary abilities and motivations, we’ll use our tailored expertise to pinpoint the industries, teams and roles in which you’ll be able to unite the two.

  • Achievement

    Action plan to get you towards the current market hiring trends.

  • Actualization

    Art of getting what you want, negotiation and communication.

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Client advised since 2013
Managers advancing their careers within 6 months
Clients receiving relevant job offers within 3 to 5 months
Clients considering themselves confident in taking the next steps in their careers
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