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Design Thinking jako jeden z nástrojů na změnu firemní kultury
  • Co je Design Thinking a jaké jsou jeho hlavní principy
  • Design Thinking jako nástroj na k pochopení potřeb klientů (externích – zákazníků nebo interních – zaměstnanců)
  • Jak využít Design Thinking pro změnu nebo budování firemní kultury
How to Use Design Thinking to Navigate Culture Change
  • Design Thinking as a tool for understanding customer needs (external – customers or internal – employees)
  • Design Thinking for creating, improving or transform company culture
Webinář – Jak mít oči otevřené aneb jak na kariérní změnu v následujícím období

Náš pravidelný seminář na téma kariérních změn tentokrát přesouváme do online prostoru tak, abychom se s Vámi i v tomto období mohli “setkat” a pomohli Vám tak při hledání nové příležitosti.

Build your brand with the best. Google and Twitter at Anderson Willinger.
  • Why is it important for companies today to focus on branding their top management?
  • Why should your shareholder have a personal interest in the quality of your personal brand? Why does a personal digital brand affect the quality of the people you surround and choose for your team?
  • What does a digital customer expect today and why is your digital brand the key to success? How does he choose and what talent of all ages looks at?
  • How the digital brand was built by those business figures who change their status quo with their people?
Agile in HR and Business
  • Why world key players implement agile management across the entire organization, what works and what does not work
  • How these teams affect flexibilty, agility and engagement for results
  • Why is the HR role key in change management
Your 3D LinkedIN Business Card
  • Build an attention-grabbing online presence.
  • Ensure people can easily find you online.
  • Rank higher in profile searches.
  • Communicate the right messages with your links.
  • Obtain key information about companies and people.
  • Prepare effectively for meetings and interviews.

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