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As individuals, we are constantly evolving, each of us an ongoing work in progress. When you’re fully equipped to master the challenges of the workplace, maintaining a healthy work-life balance comes all the more naturally. With the right mindset and the proper tools, you’ll be more than ready for the road ahead.

Why Networking Isn’t Working

Behind our seemingly logical facades lie turbulent seas of emotion.
Learn to navigate the obstacles presented by various types of people and situations.
  • Deal effectively with negativity.
  • Collaborate smoothly with difficult colleagues.
  • Interpret and process unclear communication.
  • Incorporate emotional theory into everyday interactions.
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Employer Branding with LinkedIn

The recruitment field is increasingly dependent on digital connections.
Learn to optimize your recruiting presence with LinkedIn, the most widely used professional social networking platform.
  • Create an attractive employer brand on LinkedIn.
  • Explore how the world’s top 10 companies are using LinkedIn 
    to their advantage, with practical examples.
  • Craft a compelling profile on LinkedIn 
    as an ambassador for your organization.
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Your 3D LinkedIn Business Card

In today’s professional environment, a well-crafted personal brand is an essential asset. In this seminar, you’ll obtain the tools needed to establish your desired digital identity while developing and enhancing your networking skills.
  • Build an attention-grabbing online presence.
  • Ensure people can easily find you online.
  • Rank higher in profile searches.
  • Communicate the right messages with your links.
  • Obtain key information about companies and people.
  • Prepare effectively for meetings and interviews.
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