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Employer Branding with LinkedIn

Employer Branding using LinkedIn™ follows the successful “Your 3D Business Card using LinkedIn™” seminar for managers. The seminar is intended for HR directors and HR managers. Groups consist of a maximum of 5-7 people.

You will find out

  • How to create an attractive EMPLOYER BRAND on LinkedIn™
  • How the TOP 10 WORLD COMPANIES use LinkedIn™, including practical examples
  • What the right company AMBASSADOR profile looks like and how it is created
  • In which POSITIONS AND SECTORS LinkedIn™ can be used for recruitment

Employer Branding seminar

  • 4 hours, maximum 7 people in a group.
  • Individual consultations.
  • Subsequent individual consultation with recommendations for:
    • Professional configuration of a PROFILE on LinkedIn (employees, HR, Management)
    • Quick wins – making the company page or career page more attractive with correctly targeted advertising

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