What is happening in the Top Management market and how to change your career?

Lucie Teisleren, Inspiration

How to choose a good headhunter?
How to edit your LinkedIn profile to make it more attractive?
What is happening in the market of top managers and what positions are they looking for?
If you are looking for answers to these questions, come to our seminar.

In November 2018 we started an open 2-hour afternoon meetings on trends in managerial change.

These meetings are intended for managers who are actively seeking or thinking about new career path. They take place in a narrow circle of participants who have the opportunity to ask our team members about market trends, hiring or how Executive Search works.

At our sessions will also cover:

1. What are the new trends in senior managers hiring, how the market has developed in recent months and why should you know all about it?
2. What’s new on LinkedIn? (practical tips and tricks on how to make your LinkedIn profile more attractive, as well as how to look at and improve your digital footprint)

Dates for 2019 are:
03. 10. 2019 from 17.00 – 19.00
07. 11. 2019 from 17.00 – 19.00

Price: 990 CZK

If you would like to attend our seminar and meeting with us, please contact us at Kyslanova@andersonwillinger.com

Thank you for your great feedback and we offer you the opportunity to participate.

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