Over time we have developed into one of the most respected Executive Search Companies in our area of expertise and we are proud to have a team with up to 15 years of senior management experience. The very individual handling of all customer requests has made us who we are.

lucie Partners
     LUCIE TEISLER, Practice Group Leader CEE / Partner

     Lucie graduated from the modern art and investment banking in the Czech Republic and the     UK. During that time she began working in   the field of Executive Search, where she has      worked for more than 15 years. She likes facing challenges and therefore she accepted the     offer to open branches in Central and Eastern Europe. She lived and worked in Poland,      Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, the Slovak Republic, and Kazakhstan. After her return    to the Czech Republic, she founded the Top Executive Search Boutique ANDERSON     WILLINGER, which is now the headquarters for 15 countries and focuses on the search of elite management roles in the pharmaceutical, energy industry, financial markets, manufacturing, research and development, and B2B services. She primarily obtains her expertise by evaluating the true potential of a leader and his key team in the application of the long-term measurable benefits to the organization. As the first person on the European market she started to evaluate personalities by using the methods of physiognomy and she measures and evaluates managerial ethics. Simultaneously, she is the first consultant in the Czech Republic, trained by European and U.S. outplacement programs. Based on this experience, she founded the company BESTHEADS, which is a unique out-and-in-placement tool specializing in corporate and individual clients at the same time. Lucie graduated in neurolinguistic programming NLP.

Pascal3cb1 Partners
     PASCAL FELMY, Partner

     Pascal graduated in International Company and Finance and Accounting, French CPA and     Auditor. With 15 years of experience in International Financial positions mainly in Central     Europe in companies such as Deloitte, Mazars, E.ON and Heineken. He has a unique     expertise in the region that allows him to better understand both candidates and clients.     Pascal led various finance and business development projects in over 35 countries. He       obtained 6 Sigma Green Belt and he is NLP certified. His career changed to Human Capital Consultancy about 7 years ago as he became one of the Partners in Anderson Willinger.

romana Partners
      ROMANA MUSILOVÁ, Senior Consultant

      Romana studied at the University of Chemical Technology in Prague. Then she obtained        MBA degree at The Prague International Business School. She gained years of professional      experience in several multinational companies and their various industries. She came to      Anderson Willinger from ING Bank where she worked on the strategic development plans      and their implementation. Among others, she managed a complex project of operational      department of ING Bank and Insurance. She strengthened the senior team of Anderson                                               Willinger by her practical experience in the financial institutions industry.

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