Why Networking isn’t working


Behind our seemingly logical facades lie turbulent seas of emotion. Learn to navigate the obstacles presented by various types of people and situations.
  • Deal effectively with negativity.
  • Collaborate smoothly with difficult colleagues.
  • Interpret and process unclear communication.
  • Incorporate emotional theory into everyday interactions.

When dealing with people, remeber you are not dealing with creatures of logic but creatures of emotion.

  • How to deal with negative emotions on the other side
  • How to work with people who take things too personally
  • How to perceive and work with ambiguity in communication
  • How to be able to use everything I learn in my daily professional life

The driving force to work success and the biggest wonder in life are relationships – how to build and maintain them at work and everywhere else.


  • What is the communication of a manager in a new role built on?
  • What is the essence of communication between two people?!
  • How to proceed in building new professional relationships – mathematical formula for relationships
  • What type of communication should we use while building relationships?
  • What and when does my superior expect from me? What should be delivered and why was I hired……
  • Why is it important to be a positive critic and know how to communicate with my superiors, subordinates and peers?
Anderson Willinger, Karlova 48, Prague

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