Agility currently resonates as a fundamental topic

“Agility undermines our inner belief in what is and is not reality. In order to function, it requires a great change in our personal approach and breaking down these “truths” to which we are accustomed.”

According to observations of Anderson Willinger, executive search experts, agility currently resonates as a fundamental topic in business not only abroad but also in our country. Companies such as Komerční banka, Moneta Money Bank, Česká pojišťovna or ING and their top management are among the most important implementers of agile management methods on the domestic market.

And what does the term actually mean? Agility refers to discovering unknown. It teaches us how to work in open systems and how to change our way of thinking and not to be stuck in the rut. Agility is a path to new, unexplored waters. It teaches us how to function in an open system and also how to change our thinking and attitude when perceiving established solutions.

Nowadays, the world key player implement agile management across the entire organization in order to achieve higher flexibility and better results. If you are also interested in this new innovative approach and want to better understand it, do not hesitate to contact us.

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