Analysis of Plant Directors 2017 by Anderson Willinger

Market analysis of Site managers 2017 

Anderson Willinger, executive search experts, analyzed site managers‘ nationalities in leading factories based in the Czech Republic with more than 250 employees.

TOP 10 countries, where Czech site managers have succeeded: Germany, Slovakia, Poland, France, USA, Russia, Sweden, India, Brazil and Denmark.

A site manager earns an average 230,000 CZK per month + bonus fix 30% (12x).

The Anderson Willinger, executive search, analysis showed that fixed salaries of site managers are between 140,000 and 350,000 CZK and are not affected by the size of a plant.

The salary of a site manager is affected firstly by

• The degree of automation of production processes in a plant

• Origin country of the company

• State of the plant during the onset of the site manager

• Multinational companies usually count with a higher fixed amount and 12x paid 30% bonus

• Local companies or foreign companies with one owner have lower fixed base and a bonus of up to 100%

Added values, which have a significant influence on the decision to accept a manager role at a plant, include:

• Possibility of personal development – senior management development programs

• Moving or housing support

What is the personality of a site manager like? 

Average age of a site manager is 45 years. The youngest site managers reach this role first after 30th year through internal promotion.

Which skills make site managers successful leaders?

From the site managers‘ point of view:

• Development of his team and identification of their needs

• Openness

• Listening

• Ability to give a second chance

• Inner peace and distance – the leader does not try to actively manage his subordinates, he gives them space for their mistakes and development

• Understanding of habits in the factory‘s location and the mentality of a particular nation (to increase efficiency and competitiveness of production)

From the headquarters / HR point of view:

• Ability to identify and attract talents – internal and external

• Talent development

• Being able to build inclusive & diverse teams and leverage its advantage/potential

• Manage remote and multicultural teams

• Adapt to changing environment

To read the entire study by Anderson Willinger, executive search, click here: Plant Managers report 2017

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