Anderson Willinger celebrates 20 years

“When you tell someone today that they have 20 years of experience, the question may arise as to whether it’s such a stunner. But if I look back on those years with gratitude and thanks, I realize that without exhalation there is no new breath, no new tomorrow.

I thank you personally to all who have been, are, and will be on our journey and mine.”

Lucie Teisler, Managing Partner

To celebrate this anniversary, we decided to prepare a series of top 20 inspirations from different areas that are changing the world today such as: the world of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Psychology, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Renewable Energy and Ecology, Health or Faith and the Meaning of Life.

II. INSPIRATION – Back to School

Where to “catch up” and refresh yourself academically and personally?

Are you interested in what are the key areas of the current education business? Which programs can you choose from and which ones do we recommend?

Find out in our second inspiration dedicated to Education:

I. INSPIRATION– “What to know about the world of AI?”

In preparing our 1st Inspiration “What to know about the world of AI?”, which you can find below, we also used the source of AI and the GPT Chatbot recently introduced by Open AI.

We asked him this question: “How will AI impact my organization, my people, and my career?”

What recommendations did we get and what did we compile for you?

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