Companies hire for potential over experience

How do the requirements for applicants in admission procedures change?

According to observations by Anderson Willinger, executive search experts, new positions are emerging, although this trend is more pronounced abroad, the biggest changes can be seen in the following three areas.

  1. Change of responsibility

The names of the positions remain for now, but their content changes significantly every year. In America, many new job roles are emerging especially at the middle management level. In the Czech Republic, however, this trend is not so strong. New positions will be created mainly in the field of artificial intelligence and data science in any field.

  1. IT literacy

All positions are more and more influenced by new technologies and understanding of the whole company from A to Z. Expertise in areas such as human resources or business will have to be supplemented by unusually high knowledge of IT, the latest trends, applications and robotics.

  1. From competence models to potential

The success of expansion plans of companies entering new fields in connection with new IT opportunities is based on the potential and capabilities of employees and leaders. Therefore, companies will no longer look for the CVs of candidates’ previous experiences so much, but focus on their qualities, which can lead the company to success. According to our studies, two things are important, regardless of the field: 1. vision and the ability to formulate it well, and 2. art will achieve results.

The current managerial experience, which is often reused and still the same style of leadership, behaviour and decision-making, and therefore will only be a good base for the necessary further development reflecting the new situation.

The art of leaders is to combine their experience applied in many years of company management much more with their creativity and openness.

The art of companies, in turn, is fearless to hire people who have undeniable potential, even if they do not yet excel in experience.

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