Crisis in Executive Recruiting by Anderson Willinger

And what solutions does our BestHeads program, executive program, offer to managers at this time?

Although time for analysing comparisons between 2020 and 2008 is still needed, few facts are already clear today according to Anderson Willinger, executive search experts:

  • We are unable to predict future.
  • We have no one to learn from, or take over what worked in other countries this time.
  • Digitization and the leap into the online environment are becoming a lifeline, but they also bring certain risks that we had no reason to think about before.

In 2008, social media were at its beginnings. Facebook and LinkedIN started, neither Instagram nor Snapchat even existed.

Today, a quick click on Twitter or LinkedIn is enough to publish a small negative news with great influence.

Among other consequences, unflattering stories about employers affect not only the acquisition of new talents, but also the stability of top management.

Managers who suddenly lose their jobs tend to perceive the situation as unfair behaviour of the organization along with the feeling of losing control over their own destiny. According to research by Anderson Willinger, executive search experts, these negative emotional effects can last up to ten years.

Not only in times of crisis, it can take senior managers six months or up to a year to get a new position. Most managers forget to manage their own careers and therefore often do not find the best way for the future in such a situation. Moreover, after nine months of unemployment, the likelihood of finding the right role decreases significantly. It is unnecessarily late for managers to find out that this is a quite complex problem to solve, for which it is good to use services with the necessary know-how.

These and many other aspects are reflected in our BestHeads executive program, which has already helped 402 managers gain new employment. Whether in a situation of active search, or in an effort to change career and life path.

The experience has brought us many new improvements and we would like to point out a few of the following facts that have become part of our executive program for today:

  1. Expansion of business contacts and HR experts who currently participate with us in coaching and mentoring. This path leads to the establishment and acceleration of good relationships in the world of corporations, start-ups and other areas of business.
  2. Group work, group online coaching, and interactive work bring faster acceptance of needed change, which is often subconsciously rejected.
  3. Defining the need to develop new skills and knowledge based on “360-degree feedback” and potential analysis for people who do not see their new path yet.
  4. The use of Design Thinking methods brings creativity and ideas for what to do next even for people who do not yet have this skill.
  5. Our interactive workshops help you find a way to thinking that reflects the challenges of new situations faster, because adaptability is more important in times of sudden and rapid change than ever before.

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