CRM mapping by Anderson Willinger, executive search

CRM as a support function

Common manager profile:

Prefers formal output and measurable performance

Able to manage projects according to client requirements

Put emphasis on realization and consistent implementation, loyalty and vision (order, metric, law)

Can be solo expert in a team

May not get colleagues easily

Can miss persuasiveness


CRM as a key function 

Common manager profile:

Has a strong formal character

Able to submit meaningful rules of the organization

Prefers order against spontaneous event

Organizer and planner, maintainer of the system with its rules

Needs a team following his charisma and goals

Visionary, trendsetter, opinion leader Managers usually come from consulting, IT consulting, marketing


CRM transformed into digital

Common manager profile:

Strong management profile

Almost exclusively dedicated to the kind of corporate culture

Establishes and maintains good relations in a team

Able to convince

Others accept his criticism more easily

Able to implement larger units and systems

Checks the progress of a project schedule

Meets targets, a team player, loyal to the employer

Shares the vision of the company and fills it


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