How to prepare for managing a new team? Many managers repeat the same mistake.

The biggest mistake of directors, managers and executives is that they start working with the team after they take office. They say they need to get acquainted with the environment. This is a big mistake. And a situation where a capable boss recognizes from a comfortable boss.

They hired you to make something better or more efficient. The company believes that you have the necessary know-how and therefore pays you. Your entry begins on the day of signing the new contract. It is important to realize this.

Anderson Willinger, executive search, prepared some recommendations for you for your new beginning.

If you have not had a chance to meet your new subordinates during the negotiations about your engagement in the company, Anderson Willinger recommends arranging with your superior to arrange a meeting with the team – ideally before you start. And also find out from your supervisor what you need to study in advance about products, processes and more.

If it is not possible to meet the team before you join, which often happens, ask for a list of people on the team and find out basic information about them. Meet the competition, with clients, do mystery shopping. Meet with the HR manager and ask for basic information about your team so that you can get ready for the first day and know everyone by name.

Have a date on the first day. Imagine, tell something about yourself to your subordinates – what you like, what values ​​you recognize and what you think are needed for you to get along. Ideally, give the floor to individual team members to introduce themselves, tell you something about themselves and their expectations. Don’t rate. Just watch carefully. He’ll tell you something.

Also, proactively bypass all your colleagues and superiors in the company on the first day. Call your superiors abroad that you are happy to join the company and arrange a personal meeting or an introductory phone call.

In the first month, try to meet as many people in your new company as possible and as many people as possible from clients and suppliers.

Make a list of quick and long-term changes. Communicate regularly with your supervisor or colleagues and be interested in their opinion. Act for the third month.

Name exactly what you want to do, how you want to do it and what will follow.

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