I want to find new job. How to do it? By Anderson Willinger

There is a general impression that getting a job is easy today. There is a lack of staff. And queues for the director roles. And yet today, a candidate for the position of director waits in average 6 to 12 months before they take him somewhere. Regardless of whether he is unemployed or actively looking for a job while working and considers changing a job.

It sounds like a paradox, but the reason is simple. Times are changing, the demands on a good director are different today than they were five years ago. And in the next five years, it will change a little again. Anderson Willinger, executive search, brings you some general observations and tips that address the most common reasons why successful directors have been looking for a place for so long.

Job positions are still called the same, but the job itself is different

The scope of activities of financial directors, general managers, communication directors and others is different today than it was five years ago. And in the next five years, it will be different again. And each of these directors is expensive. It’s a big investment. As a great luxury car that you will definitely like to buy when the situation requires you to travel regularly between Prague and Munich.

But will you want to buy the same car even if you have to travel regularly between Prague and New York? Won’t it be parked in your garage most of the time?

Agility and flexibility of thinking

Of all the directors Anderson Willinger, executive search experts, met, there are few of them who are self-educating or reading something. And perhaps only one in a hundred will travel at his own expense to an important world conference to discuss things in his field. To keep track.

Remember what is interesting and appealing about young people? They have a secret in them, as if they know something others are afraid of. And they always come up with something new, even if it’s stupid at times.

Few directors know what they want, they are clearer about what they don’t want.

Do you also think that you do not need to specify this when looking for a job, because you are open, flexible and as managers in any field? And do you think that field is of the same opinion?

Finding out what you really want is pretty hard work that most people avoid. If you are not afraid of it, try to take the first step. Start learning to observe yourself and your thoughts as if it didn’t concern you. Like it’s a movie and you’re a viewer. Why? You get a distance. It’s like paintings in a gallery. Sometimes one has to take a few steps away to find out what they represent. If you know what you want, tell me why you’re the best at it. Measurable. When you ask managers what they are good at, they often answer: because I can lead a team, I can do marketing, I’m really good at it.


The art of managing people or being able to do marketing when you are the marketing director, is something that is somehow naturally expected from you, just as it will come to you that when you go to a restaurant, they will bring you the food you ordered. This happens in restaurants. But what do you expect from the best restaurant in town where you take your partner to make her happy?

In any case, if you are waiting for a new director’s office lasts, don’t be unhappy about it. Because if you look at it with sober eyes, it will probably turn out that nothing really pushes you. You can only be annoyed when acquaintances meet you and ask if you already have a job. Only today’s society is pushing you. Know that taking half a year or a year off is right. That is, when it’s time off, it develops, fills, and prepares you for the next stage of life. It’s a great test of your personality, strength, and courage. Be grateful for that, it’s a great gift.




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