Integration management as first priority

Whether you are a large company or a small one – you are definitely solving a problem similar to ours; we have acquired a fairly expensive manager and we want him to deliver maximum performance and profit as quickly as possible. That’s why we “bought” him… But how not to look again and again? How not to lose people with potential, but on the contrary how to help them acclimatize, for example, in your company; to live your culture and business goals, with your vision and strategy and thus ensure the quickest possible benefit of the expected results?

According to surveys, the manager’s approach curve to maximum performance is nine to one and a half years. The real “fruit” of the company’s manager comes after a year and a half, when, thanks to a thorough examination of the company, customers and the market, he is at the peak of his performance.

In this situation, it is necessary to mention that the life expectancy of a manager has decreased dramatically in the last ten years, according to statistics, from an average of four and a half years to just over three years in one company. And this trend continues.

If you are buying a manager or promoting him, you expect his quick integration to be his concern. Unfortunately, such assumptions often end up with new costs of finding more power. At best, the results come later or in average quality, unlike from what you expected at the beginning.

Over the past 15 years, Anderson Willinger, executive search, has analysed the performance of several hundred managers she has sought for top management positions with her clients and their companies and has examined the circumstances that led to their best results. This research became the basis for defining the key prerequisites for fast integration and maximum performance of the new manager or successful integration of the manager in the new position.

Anderson Willinger, executive search, thus offers his clients a tool called THE FIRST 100 DAY – INTEGRATION MANAGEMENT, which speeds up the delivery of the expected results of the manager and eliminates the costs of companies for re-search, which can be prevented in this way.

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