Is it a good time to find a new job?

We are often under the illusion that when something stops, nothing happens around us. We make this mistake because we are not looking around. We do not see things around us because we live in experienced beliefs. Sometimes we are also completely dominated by thoughts, leaving us with no room and time to see things.

Deliberately, try to remember what you noticed on your last walk. You may have seen trees, but have you also noticed budding branches or how magpies build their nests?

A similar mistake is the belief that companies are not looking for managers on holidays, over Christmas, over Easter, or over the weekend. At present, of course, this is not a massive recruitment, but so far it is not a dramatic decline in recruitment. But what is definitely not going on is a place we do not need. What is not needed are standard positions, with a standard salary, with a standard chair, because there are more than enough standard seats everywhere.

You need to wait for these standard roles at home, maybe until Q3 2021.

For those braves of you who want more, Anderson Willinger, executive search experts, offer a little inspiration.

Stop having the idea in your head that you are looking for a job, instead open your eyes properly and look around.

What do I mean by that? I will explain a very current example from recent days. This is an interesting project launched by the majority owner of the Rohlík e-shop in response to the situation with the pandemic. In December, there was a deteriorating situation with their services. If he did not have his eyes open and did not see how shops are full of people who do not keep a safe distance during the quarantine period, this interesting idea would not have arisen. He would be blind and worried with his head looking for a solution to the deteriorating service situation. He would overlook what the new situation offered.

Why is it inspiring for us?

Finding a new job is not our primary motivation. We are not looking for a job, but to satisfy our needs. Financial and internal ones. If we only look into solving the fact that we want a new job and if we are not able to perceive the world around us, the result will probably be nothing. We probably won’t even see the best possible solution, even if it’s right next to us.

Exceptional, unexpected and sometimes unpredictable situations present many opportunities.

How can we do that to be able to see them?

Imagine that you want to work for Rohlík.

Try this quiz:

A: I look at the web, it doesn’t matter, I close the browser and wait

B: I’ll call my friend who works at Rohlík: “Are you hiring?”, “Drivers only.”

C: I will organize 10 friends who are bored at home, call the owner of Rohlík and offer him a new VIP import group for the best customers who will be partial to super service for 10 days for free.

I admit, a bold idea, perhaps raising a question: How does it handle what I want?

You will probably not remain a driver, but you will be left with a story, laughter, and the director of Rohlík.

If you are ready for another bold recommendation and want to know how to “keep your eyes open”, visit webinar by Anderson Willinger, executive search experts.

Price of the webinar: Courage to share brief information about what interesting things you have seen in the last few days, what surprised you, or what bold idea came up in your head that you would not otherwise have the courage to talk about.

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