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Executive Search

Our approach to successful executive recruitment is based on a five-part process, each stage builds on the previous one. We apply our time-tested methodology to your unique needs in order to provide you with solutions that deliver on all fronts.

Market Intelligence

We put people and data into context. Linking objectivity with emotions so that your decisions and selection of key people will be effective.

Career Advisory

Most managers do know how to run the company but do not know how to run their own career or do not even think about it. If you finally take the decision to start to manage your career path, you may be facing many questions and issues in order to set up the way leading to achievement of your goals.

Leadership Assesment

Thanks to new discoveries in quantum physics, biology and psychology, it becomes increasingly clearer that the strength of our convictions, specifically what we think, shapes who we are, the characteristics we possess and the way we behave. Research indicates that through our convictions, we influence not only ourselves, but also our surroundings, especially those who follow us.

Management Integration

Nearly half of new leaders fail within their first nine to 18 months – often as a result of devastating mistakes made early on which could have been avoided with better preparation. Learn how to overcome challenges of a new role and stay on track throughout your first 100 days with a new organization.


We firmly believe that education is a lifelong journey, even when you’re at the pinnacle of your career. The insights and inspirations contained within our seminars, e-books and blogs will empower you to enhance both you and your team like never before.