Latest HR Trends with Gianpaolo Barozzi by Anderson Willinger

Getting a constant feedback on employees experience and performance to fuel prediction about future talent-hiring needs, including understanding and predicting behavior /sentimental analysis/, performance, motivations, expectations in a real time.

At Anderson Willinger, executive search, we have organized a 4 sessions for Top HR Directors to discuss crucial topics in today’s HR world. One of them, discussed with a Senior Global Director from Cisco, Gianpaolo Barozzi, was focused on Sentiment Analysis as well as People Analytics.

What is changing in the Digital Era?
  • consumer demands are changing: speed and convenience of buying goods / services, checking recommendations, online payment;
  • speed – the need for real-time decision-making;
  • the need for storage, processing and analysis of huge amounts of data (Big Data) and the priority of information security

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