Hybrid Leadership with Julian Birkinshaw by Anderson Willinger

Behavior and management in the online environment, its impact on performance, and the future of people management by Anderson Willinger, executive search experts

Julian Birkinshaw, a professor at London Business School belongs to Thinkers 50 list of the top global management thinkers. He was a guest of Anderson Willinger, executive search, in April, for the group of 15 top HR Director in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and we discussed attributes of virtual and hybrid leadership based on his latest study at the London Business School.

His main area of expertise is in the strategy and organisation of large corporations, and specifically such issues as innovation, corporate entrepreneurship, strategic agility. He is the author of the author of 15 books, including Fast/Forward, Becoming a Better Boss, Reinventing Management and Giant Steps in Management and he has been our guest speaker for the community of top HR Directors on the Topic of Virtual Leadership. Let us share the main findings on this topic in the following paragraphs.

Future of Work Consortium leader of 10 years Lynda Gratton (Professor of London Business School) has brought together more than 100 companies worldwide to identify current experiments and research future trends.

Millions of companies have altered their workplaces for their employees. They have shifted from being place-constrained (working in the office) to being place-unconstrained (working anywhere). The shift along the time axis, from being time-constrained (working synchronously with others) to being time-unconstrained (working asynchronously whenever they choose). By allowing employees to choose when they work (more-flexible hours) some firms were in the lower-right quadrant; by offering employees more flexibility in where they work (either in office or at a home-office), others were in the upper-left quadrant. The hybrid model allows employees to work at anytime and anyplace. The hybrid model is the entire in the upper-right quadrant, and very few firms all into this area.

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