The most significant management changes in February 2018

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Top Management changes in February 2018

In total there were 44 Top Management position changes in February 2018 including 28 transfers and 16 promotions.


The number of personnel changes was the highest in sales management. The most transfers between companies occurred in media and production fields. The highest number of promotions monitored was in IT & Telecommunications.


Top 11 new management transfers:

Škoda Vagonka, Martin Bednarz, CEO

ABS Jets, Radek Doubek, Chief Financial Officer

Centropol, Zdeněk Martinec, CFO

DPD, David Žežulka, Head of Sales and Marketing

Adexpres, Tomáš Búřil, Commercial Director

Mall Group, Igor Matejov,  Chief Commercial Officer

Remy Cointreau, Petr Havlíček, Marketing Director

T-mobile, Jiří Vacek, Chief HR Officer

Mars, Zuzana Lošáková, Corporate Affairs Director

Mars, Ursula Irwin, Market Director CZ/SK

Top 7 new management promotions:

NN, Maurick Schellekens, CEO

KONE, Joseph Giorgi, CEO

Asahi Brands Europe, Petra Maričová, Finance Director

Unicredit Bank, Tomáš Drábek, Head of Retail and Private Banking

O2, Richard Siebenstich, Chief Commercial Director

O2, Jan Hruška, Chief Technology Officer

Heineken, Agniezska Gorecki, Marketing Director


You can find the entire PDF here: The most significant transfers in February 2018