Virtual Leadership by Anderson Willinger, executive search

The prestigious London Business School has completed a study on behavior and management in the online environment, its impact on performance, and the future of people management.

The study will be presented in detail by Anderson Willinger, executive search experts, along with the expert from the London Business School to a group of 25 HR directors.

One of the interesting observations:
  • The time the manager spends working independently at his/her laptop has not changed. The time their subordinates spend on independent work has been reduced by 13 percent.
  • The time that the subordinates spend on online discussions with their superiors, colleagues, and by self-study time has increased of 11 percent
  • Managers reduced the time spent building ties with other colleagues by 19 percent
  • Time spent on business relationships and ties outside the company increased by 12.5 percent.

The overall numbers have shown an increase in efficiency, flexibility, and the ability to deliver the results. The ability to make decisions, solve problems and take action has not decreased too.

The most critical areas according to managers are the team’s ability to think creatively, empathize with others, and get the best out of their team.

According to the study of Anderson Willinger, executive search, subordinates are not frustrated with remote working, but with the feeling that they cannot share what they feel, as the time when the manager speaks in the video interview, not actively listens, has increased.

The managers do not even have time to observe and tune in.

This is something we observe also while hiring senior management.

If you would like to learn more about this study, we are at your disposal at, 731 440 080.

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