Why do people work for my competition and not for me?

According to Patrick Mork, Google’s former marketing director and graduate of Insead, the most important skill of today’s managers for getting the best people is the ability to deliver excellent results and be able to sell them. 

The main tool of self-presentation of senior managers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia is LinkedIn. It is used by 89% of them and therefore we are among the most active in Europe.
The main activity is “liking”, monitoring competition and networking within groups.

During the latest survey this summer, Anderson Willinger, executive search experts, analyzed that only 45% of senior managers use the digital environment to communicate with their employees and only 56% to communicate with potential talent, out of which only 12% systematically and regularly.

According to study by Anderson Willinger, executive search, there is a clear trend that managers of all ages want to work with the right boss and in a good team.

The strength of the Employer Brand, which most companies focus on, is on the 5th place when considering a new role.

Cristina Muntean, Strategic Communication Specialist, recommends:

Read the following names and think about each one for a while:

  • Vaclav Havel
  • Tomas Bata
  • Miloš Zeman
  • Jiří Drahoš

How do you feel after reading these names? What values do you associate them with? How does your name affect your customers, employees or future colleagues? Like Tomáš Baťa or Andrej Babiš?

If you care about people wanting to work with you and for you, besides excellent results and personality, also focus on:

Your detailed digital audit.

Detailed digital audit of your competition.

Define where you feel comfortable between no communication and extreme communication and what is convenient for you in terms of time, energy and economy.

Try to systematically revise this boundary.

If you don’t know where to start, get inspired by the best experts in this field at one of Anderson Willinger, executive search, seminars.

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