Your 3D LinkedIN Business Card by Anderson Willinger

In today’s professional environment, a well-crafted personal brand is an essential asset. In seminar by Anderson Willinger, executive search, you’ll obtain the tools needed to establish your desired digital identity while developing and enhancing your networking skills.

  • Build an attention-grabbing online presence.
  • Ensure people can easily find you online.
  • Rank higher in profile searches.
  • Communicate the right messages with your links.
  • Obtain key information about companies and people.
  • Prepare effectively for meetings and interviews.

We are The Brands as individuals and as companies. It is important that we communicate well what we want and learn how we can achieve it through the digital world. This seminar shows how to have your online identity under control and how to correctly develop your networking skills.

You will find out

  • How to be attractive and desirable on LinkedIn.
  • How to be easy to find.
  • How to reach 1st place in profile searches.
  • What your connections say about you.
  • How to obtain insight information about companies and people.
  • How to prepare better for business meetings or job interviews.

Why LinkedIn™

The LinkedIn™ social network links managers, companies and recruiters.

  • There are 300 million people on LinkedIn. Can you be found among them?
  • Do you have a profile and are now waiting to see what happens?
  • What activity is there on your profile?
  • Do you have enough of the right contacts?
  • How many new businesses or job offers have you received?
  • How many new connections do you have?
  • What interesting information have you obtained from LinkedIn™?

Don’t wait for a miracle, be active! Visit seminar by Anderson Willinger, executive search, for tips and tricks.

Current dates

  • Group seminar
  • 4.500 CZK + VAT
  • 3 hours with a maximum of 7 people in a group.
  • Individual consultations.

What will you learn?

  • You will know what and how to present. You will be attractive to potential employers and business partners.
  • You will be capable of performing targeted searches in order to increase the number of your connections and consequently maximise your use of the LinkedIn™ network to obtain insight information.
  • We will teach you excellent tricks, which will shoot you into 1st place.
  • You will be easy to find.
  • 1 hour following the group seminar. We will recommend the specific scope and type of information suitable for your situation. Too much information can be harmful. What are your relevant connections? How to maximize the use of information?

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