Book of the month: Derek Thompson: Hitmakers

Anderson Willinger, executive search, recommends you a book about finding ways to the most valuable commodity of today: people’s attention. How do you get people to notice you? How to arouse interest in them?

For example, the hit Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley is still the best-selling vinyl single of all time. And yet it was originally a flop. How come people rejected him first and then went crazy for him?

The same million-dollar questions. Derek Thompson, a well-known editor of the influential American magazine The Atlantic, tries to answer them with the help of psychology and economics. It examines a wide variety of factors that make something irresistible to the masses and uninterested in something else. He can cleverly connect examples from various areas of human activity, from French Impressionists, through music and book hits to the ingredients of Obama or Kennedy’s famous presidential speeches, to the story of a designer who set trends in the aerodynamic shapes of trains, planes, and refrigerators.

Hit Makers is an interesting read for marketers and business people, for anyone interested in advertising, marketing and PR, and for anyone who would like to learn something about the nature of success and failure.

The book was published in our country this summer as well. It was published by Jan Melvil under the title Hitmakers: Secrets of Popularity in an Era of Distraction.

If you don’t have time to read, watch the video

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