Book by New York Times best-selling author Tim Ferris: Tools of Titans

What has made people like Kevin Costner, Derek Sivers, Alex Blumberg, Seth Godin or Malcolm Gladwell and a number of other celebrities make professions in their field? What they do differently than others, why they just managed to get to the top in the work they do. Tim Ferriss, author of the world’s best-selling 4-Hour Work Week or 4-Hour Boss released another bestseller, Tools of Titans, last year.

He invited more than two hundred successful personalities – millionaires, actors, managers, writers, soldiers, athletes, philosophers and scientists – to his show and asked them seemingly banal questions. He wanted to learn what qualities and daily rituals helped them become icons of their profession. Some eat only a quarter of a croissant’s breakfast, others regularly work out in the gym and train or can’t imagine the morning without meditation, others plan priorities for the long term, they don’t recognize small goals. You will definitely have fun reading!

Melvil is preparing a book in Czech for October and Anderson Willinger, executive search, highly recommends reading it.

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