Executive Directorship in 2018 by Anderson Willinger

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Hiring trends 2018 by Anderson Willinger, executive search experts

In 2018 we could observe the overall increase in the number of senior management changes.

There were 551 changes in total compared to  291 changes in 2017.


Trends in TOP Management Remuneration

In 2018, there was a 13,8% increase in top management base salary while accepting a new job. The trend on senior management positions is to increase bonuses and salary package while keeping the base salary on the same level. Fixed salaries remain on the same level due to the increase in internal promotions which usually do not involve significant increase in fixed salaries. Moreover, managers leave to medium-sized or small companies which prefer offering appealing bonus schemes to increasing fixed salaries.

Companies increased fixed salaries in cases when a new senior management position was defined. This resulted in higher requirements on a new manager – responsibilities, rebuilding or launching new services or products. Even though the companies were willing to pay more than before, they were mostly hiring experienced managers with similar pay in the previous company.
On average, increase in salaries in the Czech Republic is 3,7% higher compared to Western Europe. Even higher increase can be observed farther east in Africa or Latin America.


2019 will be the year of working on personal change and real potential according to Anderson Willinger, executive search experts

Despite the boom in start-up projects with the entire volume estimated at more than $ 70 billion, new segments do not offer as many new managerial positions as expected. Established sectors save costs, prefer internal promotions and decrease the number of senior management roles.

It was expected that the new technology would save costs and increase productivity which has not happened yet. Productivity of work has been decreasing since 2007. The solution for some companies means implementing agility management. This management requires change of people’s attitude and working on your self-development, otherwise it results in focusing on your problems too much. This gives opportunities to smaller and more flexible players who focus entirely on customers.

There is a dramatic demand for positions which are hard to fill. The reasons for this are higher requirements for new skills, flexibility and potential of a manager. The pressure on self-development is huge. On the other hand, personal efforts of managers to invest in themselves and grow is not sufficient.

Companies are resistant to hire freelancers. However, the number of studies show that these people are a good source of flexibility, potential and self-development.

Anderson Willinger, executive search, brings you a summary of the most significant management changes in different industries:


The most significant management changes – Financial services

Allianz, Dušan Quis, CEO

Amundi, Franc du Plessix, CEO

Arval CZ, Arnault Leglaye, Managing Director

Česká exportní banka, Jaroslav Výborný, CEO

Českomoravská Stavební spořitelna, Tomáš Kořínek, CEO

ČSOB Leasing, Pavel Prokop, CEO

ČSOB Pojišťovna, Jiří Střelický, CEO

Home Credit International, Ondřej Frydrych, CEO

Komerční banka, David Formánek, Head of Top Corporate and Investment Banking

Komerční banka, Miroslav Hiršl, Head of Corporate and Retail Banking

Komerční pojišťovna, Gael Loaec, CEO

Kooperativa, Tomáš Vaníček, Member of the Board

Kooperativa, Jaroslav Kulhánek, Member of the Board

LeasePlan, Martin Brix, General Manager

NN, Maurick Schellekens, CEO

Provident Financial, David Parkinson, CEO

Sberbank, Edin Karabeg, CEO

Wüstenrot, Michal Pupala, CEO


The most significant management changes – IT/Telco 2018

Microsoft, Rudolf Urbánek, CEO CZ/SK

O2, Jindřich Fremuth, CEO

O2, Richard Siebenstich, CCO

T- mobile, José Perdorno Lorenzo, CEO CZ/SK

Vodafone, Petr Dvořák, CEO

The most significant management changes- Manufacturing 2018 


Škoda JS, Vladimír Prokop, General Manager

Škoda Transportation, Petr Brzezina, CEO

Škoda Vagonka, Martin Bednarz, CEO

The most important management changes – Other Industries 2018

Advanced World Transport, David Kostelník, CEO

C.S. CARGO, Petr Volák, CEO

C.S. CARGO Holding, Aleš Willert, CEO

Česká pošta, Roman Knap, CEO

ČEZ Prodej, Tomáš Kadlec, CEO

Dáme jídlo, Filip Fingl, CEO

IKEA, Mounia El Hilali, General Manager CEE

Invia, Michal Tůma, CEO CEE

Penny Market, Jens Krieger, CEO

Publicis One, Tomáš Varga, Central Europe Director

SAP, Hana Součková, Managing Director

Slevomat, Ladislav Veselý, COO

Unipetrol, Krysztof Zdziarski, Chairman of the Board


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