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Executive education – Why does it matter? 

In a rapidly changing business environment, it is assumed that in the upcoming years managers will have to gain much more new skills than they possess now.

Innovation will require new knowledge and it is predicted that 80% of job descriptions are being and will be completely redefined.

With business becoming more global, majority of executive roles will have global impact. This will be caused by the market centralization for the large corporates and by the fact that small and medium enterprises and start-ups will aim to do business with international impact due to being too small to operate in local markets having in the hands new technologies.

Leaders will have to think and act more internationally to be able to survive.

Here are some recommendations for different executive programs with short descriptions from Anderson Willinger, executive search experts:

I want to become a CEO: General MBA Programs

  • build your brand and  become a member of international community, understand and enter global markets
  • take up to 2 years, online/in-class

I want to become a global expert in a specific area: Specialized MBA Programs

  • relaunch and focus your career

I am a CEO or Board Member. What´s next? : Executive Programs

  • take 1-1,5 years
  • focused on general management, strategy, digitalization, etc.
  • online/in class

I am a CEO or Board Member and I love my Industry: Specialized Executive Programs

  • change, relaunch or specialize your career
  • e.g. Healthcare, FMCG, Law, Real Estate

I am an executive who wants quick or online inspiration: Seminars

  • in-class, 2 days up to 2 x 2 weeks long
  • possibility of one-on-one professional learning coach



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