Executive Recruitment in 2021 by Anderson Willinger

What Anderson Willinger, executive search, considers to be key observations from the past is a change in mutual expectations between companies and directors.

First, it is the difference in perspective or expectations of the companies and directors in the areas of travel flexibility, commuting, and home office. For managers, the idea of leaving the current comfort zone often means less interest in change, because it requires sacrificing more time, less work from home, etc.

Secondly, it is an expectation of quick results from a new manager, meaning the recruitment of a so-called “fully prepared person.” The new requirements for the quality of directors are often in areas where managers still lack and have limited experience or knowledge.

Third, companies focus much more on personality qualities such as maturity and stability in emotionally tense times, or having a small dose of tolerance in the absence of these qualities. However, this often does not correspond to the ideas of directors who, during the pandemic period, discovered a number of other options applicable to their future careers outside the corporation.

Fourth, and most importantly, companies or industries that have been attractive for years are losing their tinsel of attractiveness, and directors prefer to see themselves in more flexible and modern environments. Unfortunately, they forget about their adequate personal development and by applying learned habits from corporations, they often come across a new environment. Therefore, it can be highly probable that this may be one of the reasons for the relatively drastic reduction in the overall average length of time in CEOs and Executive Directors positions.

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