Is my age really limiting my options?

How do companies perceive people over 50?


There are companies who don’t hire people over 50 because it doesn’t fit with their company culture. When you check their company profile, you will see photos of young and promising team constantly celebrating something. It looks like there is more partying than working. If I were you, I wouldn’t want to waste my time with these kind of companies. You will never fit in because you are different.

In other cases, it’s not so much about companies but about people.

They are often afraid of hiring people over 50. They are threatened by your level of experience but their excuse is that you won’t fit in. They fear that you will be slower than they are or you won’t be able to work with modern technology.

You should find the company where your age will be to your advantage, where experience, reliability and loyalty is appreciated.

Here is my recommendation before sending your CV: find out something about the company on the internet or on social networks, check people who could be your superiors and your future colleagues.

Look for a company where the director or the owner is over 50. They will understand your strengths.

Bear in mind that what you think is reflected outside. If you fear you might not get another job, it might become true.

Try to keep mentally and physically fit. Educate yourself. Invest at least 10% of your income into personal development. Just like you have to exercise more than before to be as fit as possible, you should become an expert in your area to be on the top.

You might even start your own business or do something you’ve always wanted but didn’t have time.


Lucie TEISLER, Managing Partner of Anderson Willinger, executive search



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