Market analysis of the best insurance startups

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Market Analysis of Top FinTech Insurance Startups in 2016 and 2017 


The study is to bring inspiration for potential market acquisitions, potential products development, hiring trends in Fintech Startups or just is to share what is new in the Insurance Fintech in Europe and US. Asian market has been analyzed but covers mainly  online insurance brokerage, therefore we did not include them into our study.
Data have been collected from

• Financial Times

• Medici Fintech Start ups

• Anderson Willinger Business Intelligence and Market Mapping Team


Content of the analysis: 

  • CEOs statistcs
  • Founders statistics
  • Management statistics
  • •Personal Insurance
  •  B2B Insurance pages
  • On line Brokers
  • CEOs short CVs

To read the entire PDF document, click here: Top FinTech Insurance Startups