Anderson Willinger: Number of internal promotions increases

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Number of internal promotions increases

According to research by Anderson Willinger, executive search expert, in the summer and September 2018, there were 133 senior management position changes, 77 transfers, 56 promotions and 26 changes on CEO positions. Compared to last year, the number of management position changes remains the same, however we could observe an increase in internal promotions in comparison with hiring from external market. There were 15% more internal promotions than last year.

The highest number of transfers this summer happened in sales, development and marketing roles. Last year, processing and financial roles prevailed. 93% of companies remain conservative while filling top management roles from other business areas. However, there is higher flexibility in hiring people with different job description background.

Financial sector experienced big changes. Home Credit International announced its new CEO as well as new CEO in India. Komerční banka changed its Board of Directors, ČSOB changed its Head of retail direct distribution, Kooperativa merged its Board Members with Pojišťovna České spořitelny.


The number of expats in September 2018 was 4 % lower compared to last year and they were mostly in CEO roles.

IT and Telecommunications were the most active sector in management changes.

The new trend in Production area is to strengthen marketing in order to increase brand awareness.


Anderson Willinger, executive search experts, presents you the most significant management changes in summer and autumn months:


The most significant management changes in the summer, Tomáš Anděl, Strategic Director

ČSOB, Josef Šedivý, Head of Retail Direct Distribution

ČSOB Leasing, Petr Procházka Chief Operations Officer

Foxconn, Jitka Kratochvílová, Chief Compliance & Development Officer

Home Credit India, Ondřej Kubík, CEO

Home Credit International, Ondřej Frydrych, CEO

Honeywell, Ronald Binkofski, President CEE

ING Bank, Radek Sedlář, Head of Retail Bank

Komerční banka, David Formánek, Head of Top Corporate and Investment Banking

Komerční banka, Miroslav Hiršl, Head of Corporate and Retail Banking

Komerční banka, Vladimír Jeřábek, Head of Corporate Secretary

Kooperativa, Tomáš Vaníček, Member of the Board

Kooperativa, Jaroslav Kulhánek, Member of the Board

Mondi Group, Hana Velíšková, HR Director

Raiffeisenbank, Vladimír Matouš, CIO

Roche, Michaela Kubová, HR Manager

SAP, Hana Součková, Managing Director

Solvent, Jan Doleček, Head of HR

Telenor Hungary, Martin Oravec, CFO

T-mobile, José Perdomo Lorenzo, CEO CZ &  SK

Unicredit Leasing, Dušan Hladný,  Sales Director, BoD Member

Vodafone Group, Veronika Ivanovič, Head of HR

Whirpool, Kateřina Urbánková, HR Manager

Wüstenrot, Michal Pokluda, Marketing Director


Top management changes in September 2018

Arval CZ, Arnault Leglaye, Managing Director

C.S. CARGO Holding, Aleš Willert, CEO

C.S. CARGO, Petr Volák, CEO

Czech Airlines Technics, Igor Zahradíček, CFO and Vice Chairman of the Board

ČMSS, Roman Fink, CFO & Strategy

IKEA, Mounia El Hilali, General Manager CEE

NN, Martin Hargaš, Chief Financial Officer

NN, Roman Truhlář, Chief Sales Officer

Provident Financial    David Parkinson  CEO  Olin Novák   Marketing Director

SSI Energy, Tomáš Čermák, CEO

Skanska (RDE), Björn Mattsson, Business Unit President

T-Mobile, Ladislav Báča, Marketing Communication Director

TV Nova, Slavomír Veselý, IT Director

Vodafone, Carl Clarke, Head of HR and Property


Senior management changes from the beginning of October 2019  Michal Vodák  Director of Sales and Marketing

Fortuna Group, Kateřina Krupková, HR Manager

Mall Group, Ondřej Slabý, HR Director

Penny Market, Jens Krieger, CEO



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