1. Half of 2021 in Executive Recruiting by Anderson Willinger

According to Anderson Willinger, executive search experts, the total amount of managerial changes increased by 9%. The labour market is thus recovering. The main drivers were mostly corporations, followed by small and medium-sized local companies and start-ups. Companies are now inclined to gain junior management compared to previous years.

An overview of key changes, here: Significant management changes in the first half of 2021 by ANDERSON WILLINGER CEE

Marketing and Media have recently become one of the most active fields in hiring new employees. In these turbulent times, companies are looking for ways to grow and to adapt to changes in customer behaviour after a pandemic. The marketing industry has undergone a transformation in terms of leadership over the last 6 months. Companies are looking for marketing experts with a digital know-how and added value as well as an experimental approach. Some corporations have even moved from big-name marketing agencies to smaller local players, which can disrupt established marketing strategies.

Today, companies are aware of the need to find a new innovative way to reach their potential customers and differentiate themselves not only in the local but also in the global market. The customer and the competition can now be anywhere. In this context, the roles become much more complex. Leaders are not only expected to be skilled in people management, but to be able to transform through experience and bring growth in both business and mindset. In 2021, unlike in other years, we see a much higher demand for roles in marketing that supports local as well as global approaches to sustainability.

After years of stagnation in transitions of CEOs between industries, this is the first time that the advertising and IT industries have opened up to recruit beyond their sector. Due to the need for change, the business model and culture have been transformed. The change is mainly due to know-how, skills and abilities outside of advertising and IT according to Anderson Willinger, executive search experts.

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