Top 5 most important hiring trends you should know about

In September, there was a significant shift in the recruitment of top directors.

TOP 5 most important hiring trends you should know about according to Anderson Willinger, executive search.

1. The key players in senior management changes are local companies in the segment of manufacturing, energy solutions, and agriculture.

2. Hiring has significantly moved outside the capital.

3. Companies are radically refreshing supervisory boards.

4. Small businesses hire increasingly more (91% of all management changes).

5. IT and B2B Services are the most active sectors in hiring senior management.

The main changes among Czech companies happened in the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP, which has two new vice-chairmen of the Board of Directors, Martin Chour, who became the group’s CFO, and Miroslav Dorňák, a former CSGM Executive Director.

According to research by Anderson Willinger, executive search experts, progressive companies are beginning to explore the market for new talent with an innovative overlap in their field so that they are ready for the time to come.

Top management changes in September 2020

Overview of the 1st half year in the senior management changes

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